Antra Vriddhihar Gutika for Hernia

Antra Vriddhihar Gutika is an Ayurvedic medicine indicated in the treatment of various Vriddhi Roga, and especially in Antra-vridhi/ Hernia. This medicine pacifies aggravated vata inside the body and gives relief in various diseases related to this dosha.

Ingredients of Antra Vriddhihar Gutika

Kunduru gond, KAranj phal, Indrajau, Hing, Vaibidang, Lahsun, Indrayan jad, Ajmod, Kala namak, Processed in Aloe vera juice

Uses of Antra Vriddhihar Gutika

  1. Hernia
  2. Abdominal diseases
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Constipation

The Dosage of Antra Vriddhihar Gutika

2 tablet twice a day with water or as directed by a physician.

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  1. Can this medicine be used in combination with (western) doctor medicine?

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