Achyranthes aspera for Bhasmak roga

Bhasmak rog refers to condition of insatiable hunger or appetite. In this condition person always feel hungry and desire to eat all time even after having full meal. According to Ayurveda In this condition vaat, kapha becomes weak and Pitta becomes very strong.

Apamarga or Prickly Chaff Flower is very useful in treating this condition. Apamarga or Chirchita is easily available in India. It is a seasonal plant and can be found in gardens, open areas and neglected fields after rainy seasons.

How to use Apamarga for Bhasmak roga

  • Take ripe seed of Apamarga.
  • Crush gently these seeds to take out inner rice like seeds.
  • Cook these seeds (5 gm) in milk (500 ml).
  • Eat this kheer to cure bhasmak rog.
  • Do this for three days, once a day in morning.

This herb is non-toxic. Always take the herb from a place which is free from pollutants and is away from sewage or chemical water.

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