List of 5 Unusual Vitamin C Rich Foods

Learn about best 5 non citrus food for vitamin C to boost immunity, can be found in your home and kitchen. This is amazing that these fruits are source of more concentrated vitamin C.

Every one knows that fresh citrus fruits are great source of Vitamin C. But you can easily find Vitamin C rich not citrus fruits around you in home and kitchen. Apart from fruits almost all fresh leafy and flower vegetables are great source of vitamin C.

Here are 5 unusual foods which are considered great source of vitamin C.

1- Indian Gooseberries(Amla)

Amla is known as Indian Gooseberry is great source of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. Amla is only fruits which contains Vitamin C even in dried and cooked form.  100 gm gooseberry provides 27.7 mg vitamin C which is 46% of daily requirement. Amla can be eaten in several forms there are many recipes to prepare Amla.

2- Green Chilli

All chilli’s are great source of Vitamin C but spicy green chilli peppers commonly known as chilli are greatest know source of Vitamin C.

  • 100 gm Green Chilli peppers contains 242.5 mg Vitamin C.
  • 100 gm Red Chilli peppers contains 143.7 mg Vitamin C.
  • 100 gm Jalapeno contains 118.7 mg Vitamin C.

Chili pepper, The chili is the fruit of the plants from the genus Capsicum, members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The term in British English and in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries is just chilli without “pepper”

3- Rose Petals and Rose Hips

Fresh rose petals are great source of Vitamin C, as it quantity depends upon variety and other environmental factors, but for sure i can say rose petals contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Rose hips have more concentration of Vitamin C. One cup of prepared rose hips equals the vitamin C content of 144 oranges.

4- Green Peas

Green Peas are very common vegetable in Indian and Indian sub-continent. Fresh 100 gm green peas contains 40 mg Vitamin C.

5- Ripe Papaya

Papaya is great fruit with great nutritional and medicinal values. 100 gm papaya contains 60 mg of vitamin C, and is one of the most convenient source of Vitamin C. Just eat 200 gm papaya daily for good digestion and immunity.

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