Medicinal uses of Mimosa Pudica or Sensitive plant

Mimosa pudica (from Latin Pudica meaning shy, shrinking) is also known as Sensitive Plant and touch- me-not. It is a perennial short prickly herb with sensitive leaves which fold and drop on touching. This plant is native to tropical America and Australia. Mimosa belongs to the taxonomic group Magnoliopsida and family Mimosaseae.

Paan health benefits

By H. Zell (Own work)[GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This plant is useful in treatment of various diseases. Its root is bitter, acrid, cooling, heals wounds, anti-venom and used in the treatment of excessive bile secretion, leprosy, dysentery, vaginal and uterine complaints, inflammations, burning sensation, fatigue, asthma, leucoderma, skin diseases etc. This medicinal herb is useful when diseases in body is due to aggravation of Pitta and Kapha dosh.

Here are few remedies that can be done at home to cure various ailments

  • This herb is very useful in curing heavy, abnormal uterine bleeding and skin diseases.
  • Bronchial asthma
    Prepare juice of plant Panchang and take in dose of 10-30 ml.
  • Diabetes
    Dry roots and leaves of plant. Pulverise and prepare powder. Take ths powder in dose of 2-5 grams.
  • Diarrhoea (athisaar), amoebic dysentery (raktaatisar)
    Dry its roots and pulverise to prepare powder. Take this powder (3 gm) with curd. Or Prepare decoction by boiling 5 gm root powder, in water (400 ml) till volume reduces to 100 ml. Filter and drink twice a day
  • Gandamala, glandular swellings
    Extract fresh leaves juice of Mimosa pudica and take 20-40 ml once a day for few weeks.
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
    Take fresh roots juice 5 ml, with honey and black pepper (Piper nigrum) every 2 hours, during the menstrual period.
  • Indigestion
    Drink fresh leaves juice in dose of 30 ml
  • Jaundice
    Take its fresh leaves juice (20-40 ml), twice a day for three weeks.
  • Piles, improving sexual potency in men 
    Prepare powder of its leaves. Take this powder in dose of 1 teaspoon with milk, twice a day.
  • Stomach ache, intestinal worms
    Take its leaves paste once a day, with honey, empty stomach for 3-4 days.
  • Stones, Diabetes, Snake bite
    Prepare decoction of its roots (10 gm) in 400 ml water and drink twice a day.
  • Gum problems, toothaches
    Prepare root decoction and use frequently for gargling.
  • Glandular swellings, hydrocele
    Externally apply leaves juice on affected areas.
  • Wounds, itching
    Apply root paste on affected area with the help of cloth.
  • Sagging breasts
    Prepare a paste of Mimosa pudica and Ashwagandha roots. Apply this paste on breasts.
  • Abscess, boils for pus release and quick healing, fistulous sores
    Apply leaves paste at affected area.

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