Windows live writer help for managing blog post

For writing and managing blog post I tried several options but Windows Live Writer is most efficient tool I found for my writing purpose on Windows platform. Because Windows live writer is very easy in configuring multiple blogs and it supports all major blogging platform with themes.

Live writer has many exciting features with makes your writing very easy.

– You can configure multiple blogs as it supports most of the blogging platform like Blogger, Word press,, sharepint, typad and other platform with supports blogml apis.

– You can create new blog directly on wordpress

– Post editing is very easy WYSIWYG and it publish post in html format.

– Post editing is configured according to you blog theme.

– You see post source as well as preview with you blog theme.

– You can add categories if you blogging platform supports is and you can add keywords for making search easy.

– You can insert images with exiting image editing features like adding water mark, changing image borders.

– You can add your skydrive to put images and displaying images as album.

– You can put html table, images online albums, videos, videos service, map, post tags and lot of emoticons.

– You can also install third party plug-in to it and use them.

How to install Windows Live Writer ?

You can download Windows live essentials from

Window Live

Download Windows Live setup from above link and Run wlsetup-web.exe, it will launch installation wizard.

windows live setup

You can install all windows live essential programs or you can customize installation by selecting highlighted option.

On next screen you can select or unselect programs which you want to install. Select live writer and click on install button. It will install windows live writer. 

Now you can configure you blogs using Options->Accounts.

windows live account

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