Windows 7 : Sticky note application

Sticky note is a windows 7 application comes with windows 7 OS and executable location is %system32%/StikyNot.exe or C:WindowsSystem32StickyNot.exe.

This is very simple application sticky note application and you don’t use any other third party application.

You can use this by Open Sticky Notes by tapping the Start button . In the search box, type Sticky Notes, and then tap Sticky Notes in the list of results.

or Open run window and run StickyNot.exe.

You can also create shortcut on your desktop and you can run it from there.

For creating shortcut go to system32 folder in C:Windows and right click on stikyNot.exe and select option send to desktop(Create Shortcut)

You can add it in program startup using msconfig option or just putting shortcut in  Program files-> Startup option.

Copy shortcut from desktop and paste is into Program files-> Startup.

For adding notes type your note is yellow area.

For removing note just click on cross button.

For adding new note click on + button in top-left corner.

Tip: For best use pin this application to you win 7 task bar by just right clicking on task bar and by selecting option “Pin this program to taskbar”.

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