Why to use SQLite database ?

Sqlite is a self contained small ACID-compliant embedded relational database managment system. It is a simple file based database system and best suitable for embbeded devices, desktop based and low-medium traffic web sites.
It is open source and free. You can get it pre-compiled in form of executable and lib format. By using library you can easily integrate with your application. On android it has been used a db and android provided several db classes to use it. For other platform like microsoft dotnet and JAVA is come in for of ADO.net lib and JDBC. By using these libraries you can use it with you dotnet and java applications.
It supports SQL92 query and several other DDL commands like create alter delete table view etc.
If you have a low traffice web site which has most of the read only db operation it is best for your web site for following reasons.
– It can be used with any web platforms like .net, java, php, python and many more.
– It can be found in pre-build for windows, linux, unix OS.
– It is very fast in compare to other relation database like mysql, ms sql, oracle because it does not requires any network operation.
– If you are using it with you web site then web hoasting proider is not goind to put any contraints like no of database, not of concurrent db connectins, extras charges for db (except db size).
– You can easily port you web db on other web server let say you are migrating from Linux php to windows asp.net.
– You can make backup by just downloading you db file from server.
– And there are lot more benefits for small web sites.
If you have a desktop application and you required db then you can use it in place of xml or flat file or ms access db because all these rquired driver or some kind of parsing in you program but by using sqlite you can enjoy a small fast relible relationa database. And most of the mobile devices supporting sqlite db.
If you are developing client server application and lot of client are supposed to do operation with your server then you should go for database server like MySql, Ms Sql, Oracle etc.

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