Using Sqlite with dotnet

As Sqlite is open source, light weight and file base database system and It come as source code and pre-build for different OS and s/w platforms.

It also come in form of dotnet assembly (DLL) form which is based on This library support almost all interface and technologies used in like Detaset, Linq and other features. This is known as

For using this you have to down load it from web site Download.

On above web site you will find different build for different Windows OS(32 bit, 64 bit, Itanium and others) and for different dotnet framework versions.

Now you may be thing that why different dotnet version for different windows architecture. This is because this dotnet dll has embedded System.Data.SQLite.lib native library and this library is platform specific that is why different dotnet dll for different Windows OS architecture is there.

Download appropriate version and install on your PC and reference “System.Data.SQLite.dll” in your dotnet project from installed location in you dotnet project. Now you can use Sqlite in your dotnet application by making connection, command and dataset objects.

Major classes for are
– SQLiteConnection
– SQLiteCommand
– SQLiteCommandBuilder
– SQLiteDataAdapter
– SQLiteDataReader
– SQLiteTransaction

In next Sqlite category post i will explain this classes and different uses of this lib.

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