Optimize Website with Google PageSpeed Insights

Recently good launched new service to optimize websites for speed ?PageSpeed Insight?. Using this service you can optimize your website speed and pages performance.

By using this service you can check your website pages performance and you will get suggestion to improve your website. If you are not able to do suggested optimizations then you can use this service on your website and this service will re-write your entire page with optimization.

Currently PageSpeed Insight service is on invite only and you have to apply for this service.

You can register your website for Google PageSpeed Insight service by using this URL. PageSpeed Insight

In-between you can test your website and pages using following URL

PageSpeed Insight Test


For using this service you have to put your website URL in this page and select option for Desktop and Mobile pages and in overview you will get score of your website.

In left menu on this page you will get High priority, medium Priority and Low priority suggestion to improve your website speed.

After getting this service details I will update soon.

Apart from this Google is also providing Chrome and Firefox extension of page analysis using these extensions and you can download extension from here

Chrome Insight Extension                       FireFox Extension

After installing Chrome extension open your webpage and then open Developer Tool and run this extension from there to see your website page analysis.



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