How to Search emails in GMail

Gmail is one of the best email provider service by Google. It has very simple and efficient user interface. But what I like most is it email search feature, you can find your old emails very quickly in Gmail.

On web UI there is search option on top where you can write your queries and can find them using search button.


– By simply typing in this input your search query you can find your search results. It will search in entire Gmail but you can do search in specific labels and folders also.

– If you want to search in particular label then first you type ?label[Label Name]? then it will search in that label mails only.


– If you want to search in trash or spam folder then start you query with ?in: spam? or ?in: trash?


– Apart from this you can use advanced option by just expanding drop down of search input box with above options.


As shown above you can use several options like from address, to address, subject, has words, with attachment. Gmail will search with all possible combination.

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