Generating Keystore using Keytool for Tomcat

Some time when we are building Java code using Spring source we are getting build error message ?Certificate not found in Key store? at usersname .keystore on windows machine. getStore could not find key store at usersname.keystore like message.

This build error occurs due to RSA certificate is not installed on your PC for tomcat Catalina.

To resolve tis error you have to generate key store using JAVA keytool on your PC. Keytool.exe can be found at following location.

On Windows


On Linux


By using this tool you can generate security key store for your development purpose.

On windows you can run this command by this on command prompt. This will ask several input for key generation which you have to give.

%JAVA_HOME%binkeytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA

First input is password for keystore, you should use ?changeit? after password confirmation it will ask First Name Last Name, Department, Company, City, State and Country code string.

After successful generation of key store try to rebuild and most probably it will solve this issue.

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