Downloading HD videos from YouTube

Some time we want to download (Convert to other video format) some HD video from YouTube. Because we may want to play it from our computer to see actual HD video(1080p or 720p) or we want to play it on our HD video player via USB or on FULL HD TV or on some other player.

To downloading free video from YouTube is quite easy there are several free tools you can use. But for me YTD Video Downloader is best free tool. You can download video in several format with many options like HD 1080p, HD 720p, HQ flv, MP4 and you can convert them in desired format with in required quality.

You can download YTD Video Downloader from here.YTD Downloader

For downloading any YouTube video launch application and copy video url, it copied URL will be automatically added to download tab of YTC main window.

In download quality dropdown you can select quality of video like HD 1080P, HD 720p and other.

There are other option like download location and automatic conversion format etc.

From convert Tab you can covert video in different format and extract audio in MP3 format.

You can also download YouTube play list and it will download all video or selected videos from play list in desired format.

There are other software for the same purpose you can use which you want.

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