Blog: Adding video to blog post by Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is best free tool for creating blog post on windows as per my experience as I am using it for 2+ years. There are many exciting features. Adding videos in blog post is very common and useful thing. By Windows Live Writer you can insert videos in your posts very easily from different sources like from your pc, online video ulr and from YouTube very easily.

For inserting video to your blog post Live Write provide you options to add video from url, from your PC and from YouTube.

– Adding from some URL

For adding video from a online url goto Insert->Video-> From web option. It will open following dialog.

live writer online video

It will insert your video link in your post.

– Upload video from your PC

Using Video->From Your Computer dialog you can add video to your blog post, it will first upload your video to you YouTube account and then embed that video YouTube link to your post or you can embed your existing YouTube video.

live writer youtube video

Live writer also provides many formatting option for video objects.

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