Best tool to decompile swf flash files

Many time we need to extract images, videos, audio from swf files, for this there are many free and paid decompiler for swf flash files. There are many software for this task some are free and some are paid.

In my case I want to extract images and  other resources for this I found ?flash digger? which has all decompilation features in free/trial edition but only one limitation is that you have to extract all resources one by one instead of batch operation. But for some personal work it is fine.

It has very easy and standard user interface and you can use t  his very easily.


Using flash digger you can also edit and modify swf files.

In above snap shot just click on open file menu and open any swf file. Then you will see different object in Left pan like shapes, Bitmap Images and other objects and by using export file in bottom option you can save particular object.

You can download from several locations using Google search.

Or you can search and try other decompilers also.

Here are freeware features

– Edit or remove any images, text, sounds and scripts used in the SWF movie.
– Edit hyperlinks, associated with any button in SWF file.
– Assign new hyperlink to whole SWF banner or to any of its scene part (i.e. create new transparent buttons).
– Import and export clips, images, shapes, buttons and scripts and place them into the same or another SWF movie.
– Import whole SWF file into another SWF file, as a movieclip – with ease!
– Extract graphics and audiotracks from SWF files with preview and save them in an appropriate media formats.

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