Android : Making Loan EMI calculator app

Today i have created my first android app which i am going to publish here. This is simple Loan EMI (monthly) calculator. I am publishing here complete project as well as apk. By downloading apk file you can install it on android phone and use it and you are free to download source code as zip format and free to use.

Here is snippet of code to calculate monthly emi for loan

//Rate of interest
double droi = Double.parseDouble(
//No of monthly installment
int inoofinst = Integer.parseInt(
//Loan ammount
double principle = Double.parseDouble(
////Validate fields
if(droi < 0.001 || droi > 99.99)
    showAlert("ROI not in range 0.001-99.99");
if(inoofinst < 1 || inoofinst > 480)
    showAlert("No of monthly installment" +
            " not in range 1-480");
if(principle < 100 || inoofinst > 100000000)
    showAlert("Loan amount not in range 100-100000000");
//Start Calculation
if (droi > 1.0) 
    droi = droi / 100.0;
droi /= 12.0;
double pow = 1.0;
for (int j = 0; j < inoofinst; j++)
    pow = pow * (1.0 + droi);
//Final emi
double emi = 0.01* Math.round(
100.0*(principle * pow * droi) / (pow - 1));
//Show emi per month

You can download and install apk on you android phone link given at end of post. Download apk file and copy it to memory card and goto program explorer and select LoanEMICalc and double click that, it will install automatically on your phone and you can use it. Here are some screen shot.

android-emi-calc You can download complete source code and use it in your application.

Download Installation apk LoanEMICalc.apk (15.92 kb)

Download Source Code (49.58 kb)

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