Adding Pictures in blog post using Microsoft Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is best free tool for creating blog post on windows as per my experience as I am using it for 2+ years. There are many exciting features. Adding pictures in blog post is very common and useful thing. By Windows Live Writer you can insert images in your posts very easily from different sources like from your pc, some online album etc.

For inserting image in windows live writer you can find options on Home tab as shown below in image.


Or you can find it on Insert tab.


In windows live writer you will find 4 option for inserting images.

1- From your computer

Inserting image to blog post from your computer, you have to browser your picture and you can do many formatting on local pc image using live writer. The formatting are given below


  • Image cropping
  • Image resizing with option of maintaining aspect ration
  • Image resizing presets like small, medium, large, original
  • Rotation of image, Tilt
  • Picture style, sufficient styles for blogging
  • Many picture effects like recoloring, sharpening, blur of the images.
  • Image contrast
  • Adding water mark on images
  • Image properties
  • Image alignment with text
  • Image margin

2- From the web


When you are inserting some images from web with url then there are less image formatting options are available. As displayed in second images. You can not to image related options like cropping, rotation, picture effects etc. You can give image display size, margin, alignments with text etc.


3- Create online album or adding on line albumlive-writer-insert-image-album-login

This is very good option when you want to add some photo album to your blog. Using Microsoft Windows Live Writer you can create photo album in sky drive and thumbnail of images will be uploaded to your blog site.

You can also add existing albums to your blog.

For this you have to create windows live account and login to it using Live writer as shown here.

After login you can create new album using you computer photo graphs or you can use existing albums.

While you are using online albums there are very exciting album formatting options you can try them.


So you should try all these pictures related option to make your blog post more effective.

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