Using Honey for skin care

Honey is sweet sticky food prepared by honey bees from flower nectar. Honey contain 75% invert sugar and trace of minerals such as iron, copper, sodium, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It has anti bacterial, anti-viral and anti- fungal properties. Honey also contain vitamin C and B vitamin. Because of these minerals and vitamins honey is very good for our external skin care.

In market there are many expensive skin care products claiming use of honey as key ingredients. As these products are very expensive so you can use raw honey for you skin care at home by making some pack, lotion by adding some other natural ingredient in your kitchen. Here are are some tips to using honey for skin care.

– Make face pack by adding some milk and apply it for 30 min on your face and wash with fresh water. It is great moisturiser for your face and other body part.

– You can use it on bacterial skin infection as it produces hydrogen peroxide. You can also use it on cut, wounds to avoid infection.

– It is also anti-fungal and you can apply it on ringworm.

– You can just use honey as skin cleanser just apply honey on face by you palm on you face. You can also add some water in honey. After rubbing gently for some time just wash your face with water.

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