SAMSUNG SMART TV Launched in India


After great success of SMART TV in USA and Europe, Today SAMSUNG launched SMART TV in Indian Market. This TV have web connectivity and a very good quality browser and lot of apps. Using this app you can easily make search on internet, do chat with friends, search for movies, music and many more.

SAMSUNG SMART TV has following exciting features


Samsung’s Smart Hub is a simple menu system that to connect, discover and enjoy a wide range of content. Users can easily search for movies, shows and videos via online services and across connected devices, browse the Web from your TV and access a wide variety of apps from Samsung Apps, the world’s first HDTV-based apps store. Almost all of Samsung’s 2011 TVs that are 40-inches and above will offer smart TV features.

-Search ALL

With few button press of your remote, you can search any thing related to program you are watching, other apps and many more.

-Your Video

By using this feature you can access and preview TV programs and movie clips from your TV through a customized recommendation service for video on demand.

-Web Browser

SMART TV web browser is just like PC type web browser and it is developed to do surfing on big screen.

-Social TV

Now you can keep your self connected to all social web sites using SMART TV apps while viewing TV. This includes all social networking services like facebook, twitter and GTalk.


This is real power of SAMSUNG Smart TV, this is world first and only one TV app store from where you can you can access verity of applications like YouTube app and other service provider apps to access your information.

-3D Visual

This includes many features like 3D-auto contrast to auto set contrast level for best viewing of 3D images, Precision Diming is used to display pure while and black colors for stunning picture quality, 2D to 3D Convertor feature of SMART TV will convert your 2D images to 3D viewing experience.

-Smart Design

This TV design is very elegant with very thin Bezel and TV is ultra slim.

-Smart Connectivity

Now you can connect your TV with internet very easily using it inbuilt wi-fi and with other devices like PC, Laptop and smart phones.

In India this TV will available in 5 Series To 8 Series in LED, LCD and Plasma panel.

and size will be available in 32 inches and above. Different model different size option will available.


Series-5 will be INR 68000.00 to 94000.00

Series-6 will be INR 57000.00 to 200000.00

Series-7 will be INR 159990.00

Series-8 will be INR 250000.00 to 400000.00

Plasma- INR 230000.00
*Note : These information may vary from actual product.


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