Review : Best Broadband service provider in New Delhi and NCR

I am using broad band internet service in New Delhi and NOIDA since 6 years. I have used MTNL and Airtel broadband services and found Airtel is much better than MTNL in respect of service.

Getting New Airtel Broadband connection:

Getting  new Airtel broadband connection is very easy. You just need to call there customer service and put one request. Next or same day they will ask you for 1 photograph, ID proof and your current residence proof and Rs. 500.00 advance rental which will adjust in you first month bill and on 2nd day they will do hardware installation.

Earlier Airtel broadband services was providing hardware but nowadays they are not providing any hardware, you have to purchase your own one Phone Set and one DSL modem. It will be better that you purchase Wi-Fi DSL modem.

On third day your line will be activated and one engineer will come and setup your internet connection and every thing.

Things to take care while taking new Airtel Broadband connection:

-Choose you plan carefully according to your need. Company is changing their plans very frequently.

-In my opinion always try to get unlimited download plans. Their best plan is 512 Kbps, Unlimited download, 100 call free in Just Rs. 650.00 + Taxes. But when you ask them to give you this plan they will refuse you by saying that company is no longer giving this plan for new connection.

-Don’t worry, first take new connection with other available plan what they are giving and after 15 day ask Airtel customer care and just ask them that you don’t want their services because their rentals are too high and you can’t pay more than Rs. 500.00 and they you will see the result they will change same your plan of Rs. 900.00 to new plan of Rs. 500.00 or Rs. 650.00. It depends upon your negotiation skill.

-If you are using an antivirus on your PC then ask them that you don’t want their online antivirus service. Generally they are charging Rs. 60.00 + tax for this antivirus service. Don’t take their Antivirus service, use on your own PC.

Transferring your Airtel broadband connection to new place:

-If you are shifting your residence for one circle to another then it is better that you make transfer request 1-2 week advance as this process takes 15 days.

-If you are facing problem while transferring your broadband connection and customer care is not working then talk to Airtel broadband Nodal officer, this will help you allot.

Airtel Bill Payment:

Paying Airtel bill is very easy, you can pay online by credit and debit cards, using your internet banking, dropping cheque in drop boxes and by cash to Airtel franchisee and many more. 

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