Duracell rechargeable pre-charged batteries

Now day you will find many rechargeable battery by different brands. Duracell has all purpose AA and AAA sized recharged rechargeable batteries. This means if you are on the way and you need battery and you want to buy rechargeable battery and you are running out of time then this product is best suitable for you. These batteries are rechargeable and come pre-charged  in pack.

Key Features of Duracell pre-charged re-chargeable batteries

-These batteries can hold charge up to 1 year when not in use.

-You can charge these batteries more than 100 times.

-These are available in AA and AAA size.

-Ideal for Use with high-drain or frequently used devices, including High-powered Flashlights, Video Game Controllers.


-These batteries may explode or leak, and cause burn injury, if recharged, disposed of in fire, mixed with a different battery type, inserted backwards or disassembled.

-Replace all used batteries at the same time.

List Price:$12.06

Price:$11.19 ($2.80 / battery)

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