Airtel PC Secure is complete waste of money

I am a user of Airtel broadband since 5 years and overall exp of their service was good for initial 4-5 years but now they are not up to mark. If you want to discontinue their service then they will bother you too much before discontinuing their services. Now they are charging Rs. 100.00 + Service tax for PC secure service.

What is Airtel PC Secure?

-This an internet C security antivirus software running at Airtel ISP server(s). This software is supposed to filter all viruses, trogons, spy software etc from  your downloads.

Is this effective ?

-For my personal exp this is not effective.

What are charges?

-Initially it was Rs. 60.00 + Service Tax

-Now it is Rs. 100.00 + Service Tax

My Opinion

-If your PC have an antivirus software then this service is total wastage of money. You should talk to customer care and ask them to de-activate this service permanently in very clear cut voice and ask them to give some waver as you have not asked for this service.

These companies are looting our hard earned money in name of these useless services. Please be careful and check you detailed bill regularly.

Note: *This is my personal opinion and i am not responsible for any thing. 

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