Recipe:Tori/Sponge Gourd/Nenua Curry Varanasi Style

Tori is known by many names in India like Nenua in Eastern UP and Vihar. This vegetable have very unique sweet taste. If you don’t like tori taste then this recipe is not for you. There are different vegetable recipes for thid vegetable like fried with onion potato and spring onion, with kalongi masla and curry with mustard paste.

Here I am writing tori curry recipe. This is very typical recipe not very with very fancy ingredients


-Tori/Nenua 500 gm

-Potato 2 small/medium size

-Garlic cloves 6-7

-Ginger 1 inch

-Green Chilli 1-2

-Onion finely chopped(One medium size)

-Mustard 1 spoon(Use as per your taste)

-Dhania powder 1 spoon

-Haldi powder 1 tea spoon

-Garam masala 1/2 tea spoon

-Bay leave(Tej patta) 1

-Jeera(Cumin seeds) 1/2 tea spoon

-Salt to taste

-Mustard oil 4-5 spoon


-Peel potato and tori

-Cut in small pieces

-Now take Garlic, ginger, green chilli,mustard in a khalad and make coarse paste.

-Now add dhaniya powder, haldi and salt  in it and add some water to make paste.

-Heat oil in a kadai and make crackle with bay leave and jeera.

– Add chopped and cook till it get soft and start changing color to brown.

-Add Spice paste in it and add salt.

-Cook this masala until oil getting separated from it.

-Add tori and potato to it and cook it for 5 minutes by putting lid on it.

-Now add water 4 cup and cook till potato get cooked.

-Add garam masala to it and boil it on low flame for 1-2 minutes.

-Tori curry is ready to serve.

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