Recipe: Sweet cookies in MWO


If you have oven or MWO with grill at home then you can make many baked snacks. Here I am writing very simple and healthy recipe for making sweet cookies at home.


– Refined flour 1 cup

– Wheat flour 1 cup

– Butter or Deshi Ghee 1 cup Smile

– Sugar 2 spoon(you can use as per your taste)

– Salt 2~3 pinch

– Baking powder 3~4 pinch

– Dry fruits chopped(1 spoon cashew nuts, 1 spoon almonds, 1 spoon kishmish etc)


– Mix refined flour(maida), ata, salt, sugar and butter)

– Now knead by adding some water and dry fruits and make slightly hard dough.

– Keep dough aside for 15 minutes

– Now make cookies in desired shape

– Pre-Heat oven or mwo with grill at 200 C

– Now put low rack in MWO

– Now on baking tray put cookies and put tray inside MWO

– Bake it for 12-15 minutes

Cookies are ready.

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