Recipe: Suji ka halwa or Semolina halwa

Suji ka halwa is tasty dish that is easy to make. It tastes best when cooked in desi ghee. Also to make it tasty it is important to fry suji properly.


– Suji 1 cup

– Desi ghee ½ cup

– Sugar ½ cup or as per your taste

– Milk or water 1 ½ cup


– Take a thick base pan to avoid sticking or burning of suji. Add desi ghee and heat it at medium flame.

– In heated ghee add suji and fry.

– Keep stirring suji till it turn brown or gets color of wheat. One more indication that suji is fried that ghee starts separating.

– When fried shut off stove and add sugar and milk or water whatever you like .

– Mix well now turn on the stove and at medium flame cook while stirring it continuously.

– When milk get completely absorbed halwa is ready.

– Serve hot. You may garnish it with dry coconut.

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