Recipe: Sprout and Vegetable pulao

sprout vegetable pulao

As you know sprout is very healthy when we eat it fresh, but we can also eat sprouts by making some cooked dishes. In cooking case there may be some ingredients loss but it is still very healthy enrich with fiber iron and protein. Here I am writing very simple recipe for making sprout and green vegetable(available in your refrigerator) pulao with rice.

This recipe is very simple and quick and you can make this with any available vegetable and sprout in your kitchen. This is very tasty and delicious and ideal to be part of your breakfast.

Ingredients for sprout pulao:

– Rice 2 cups

– Sprout 1 cup(Chana/Moong/Other)

– Potato 1 medium size

– Green vegetables 350 gm(Palak/Spinach, cauliflower, beans, capsicum, spring onion, green pea and all other?s in your kitchen)

– Tomato 1 red

Garlic 5~6 cloves

– Ginger crushed 1 inch

– Onion 1 chopped

– Chopped green chilli 1~2

– 2 inch Cinnamon

– 2 bay leafs

– 2 cardamom

– Chopped Coriander leaves 1 bunch

– Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp

– Chili powder 1/2 tsp(Optional)

– Oil/Clarified butter 2-3 spoon

Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp

– Salt to taste

Method for making pulao

– Wash rice and soak in water

– Heat oil/ghee in pressure cooker

– Make crackle of bay leaf, cinnamon, and cumin seeds

– Now add chopped garlic, crushed ginger, chopped onion and chopped chilli

– Cook these spices till onion gets starting brown

– Now add sprout and all vegetables to it

– Add turmeric power, chilli powder, salt to it in cook for 3-4 min by putting some lid on cooker

– Now add chopped tomato, soaked rice, crushed cardamom and 1/2 chopped green coriander leaves.

– Add 4 cups water(may be vary on your rice and cooking style)

– Pressure cook(till 1 vessel and remove from stove and let t cool down)

–  Pulao is ready to serve, serve it with some hara dhania garnishing and clarified butter in breakfast along with curd or fruit juice.

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  1. pulao with Sprouts, an amazing healthy idea.

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