Recipe: Spicy Mathari

In India there are many salty snacks in which mathari is very common. There are many different recipe for making different mathari. Here I am writing recipe for making spicy mathari.


– Refined flour(Maida) 1 cup

– Besan(Gram flour) 1/2 cup

– Semolina(Suji) 1/2 cup

– Wheat Flour 1/2 cup

– Ajwain 1 pinch

– Magrail(Black onion seed) 1 pinch

– Kasoori methi 1 spoon

– Chaat masala 1/2 tsp

– Garam masala 1-2 pinch

– Salt to taste

– Oil as per need( to make mathari crispy)


– Knead all ingredients with water(make dough hard)

– Now wrap dough with wet cotton cloth and keep aside for 30 minutes

– Now make matari in desired shape either by hand or using roller(Belon)

– Now make some while in mathari using fork

– Now deep fry in defined oil till golden brown.

– Cool down mathari and pack in airtight containers

– Serve along with tea coffee.

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