Recipe: Spicy Fresh/Sweet Corn Recipes

Now days fresh corn or sweet corn is very healthy, tasty and easily available grocery item. We can make many different dishes using fresh/sweet corn. You can buy fresh corn from vegetable stalls in season or frozen corn from grocery store. 

Here i am going to write very simple steamed spicy corn recipe. I use microwave for cooking corn. You can also use steamer for the same, but that will take more time.


-Fresh/Sweet corn 1 cup

-Black pepper powder 2-3 pinch

-Red chili powder 2-3 pinch

-Fresh Lemon juice 1 or 1/2 table spoon

-Salt to taste

-Butter 1 spoon 🙂


-Put corn in a Microwave safe vessel and add 10-20 ml water to it.

-Microwave it for 3 minutes(Time depends upon quantity ).

-Remove remaining water.

– Now  add salt, black pepper powder,chili powder and butter to it.

– Spicy corn is ready to serve.

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-You can use chaat masala also.

-You can increase quantity in proportion and change spices quantity according to your taste.

-If You have barn of fresh sweet corn, then you can easily remove corn from bar by cutting barn in 2 pieces vertically.

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