Recipe: Pyaz Pakora


Onion/Pyaz pakora is very common in India. You will find every where on road side hawkers are selling this snacks. In India homes cooking pyaj pakoda is very common and specially in rainy days most of the people like it with tea/coffee.


– 2 cup besan(Gram flour)

– 2 onion big size(Sliced)

– 2 chopped green chilli

Garlic paste 1 tsp

– 1 potato(small cubes) optional

Haldi(1~2) pinch

– Jeera powder (1~2 pinch)

– Garam Masala(1~2 pinch) optional

– Salt to taste

– Chopped coriander leaves

– Oil for deep fry


– Make paste of besan, Haldi, Jeera, Garam Masala by adding water.

– Now add salt, sliced pyaj, green chili, garlic paste and coriander leaves and mix well

– Now heat oil in deep frying pan

– Now deep fry besan pyaz mix by making small nuggets by spoon or hand. Please deep fry on low medium flame.

– Pyaj pakoda is ready to serve. Serve it with tomato/chilli sauce or some other fresh chutney. See my Pickle-Chutney category to see different chutney recipes.

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