Recipe : Nimbu (Lemon) Shikanji or Lemonade


Lemon shikanji is is very famous and common drink in India. It is known by different names in different regions in India like Nimbu Pani, Nimbu Shikanji, Nimbu Sharbat etc. It is very healthy drink enrich with vitamins and energy. Lemon is main ingredient of this drink and other are supporting ingredients like roasted cumin seed powder, khaskhas etc.

Ingredients for Lemon Shikanji

  1. 1-2 lime or lemon
  2. 2 spoon sugar (as per your taste)
  3. 1/4 tbl spoon black salt
  4. 1/4 tbl spoon roasted cumin seed powder
  5. 300 ml child water or soda
  6. One round slice of lime and 1 spring of mint for garnishing

-Squeeze lemon juice in jar , Add sugar and add small amount of water, mix well until sugar gets dissolved. Now add black salt and roasted cumin seed powder and add child soda or  water.

-Serve in glass after decorating it with lime piece and spring of mint.

Tips: If you don’t want sweet then skip adding sugar, just add salt to your taste.

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