Recipe: Multigrain mini cones

Here I am writing salty cone snacks recipe which I tried after reading in news paper. This is very good snack with tea and coffee.


– Panchforan (Bharawan Masala) 2 spoon

– Grated coconut 2 spoon

– Roasted barley Flour(Jau ka sattu) 1 spoon

– Roasted gram flour(Chana sattu) 2 spoon

– Chopped mint leaves(pudina) 1 spoon

– Roasted Sesame(Til) 1 spoon

– Refined floor(Maida) 2 cups

– Salt to taste

– Oil to fry


– Mix salt in maida and some ghee or refined oil and knead by adding some water and make dough.

– Make small pieces of dough

– Mix all other ingredients in a bowl

– Now roll dough pieces and cut roll in two pieces from center

– Now make cone and put filling and seal cones.

– When cones are ready then heat oil in deep frying pan

– Fry cone till they get brown color.

Cones are ready to serve.

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