Recipe : Mango(Aam) pana in Varanasi style

In India Mango is very common and widely used fruit. There are lots of methods/ recipes of raw mango. Mango pana is very popular summer drink in India. People drink this to beat the heat in summers in India.

Here i am writing pana recipe which is very common in Varanasi.

Ingredients for Mango Pana

  1. Raw mango 2-3
  2. Roasted cumin powder 1 tbl spoon
  3. Black salt to taste
  4. White salt to taste
  5. Pudeena (Mint) leaves paste 1 spoon
  6. Red Chili flex 2-3 pinch (Optional)


First of all we have to cook mango, In older time or in Villages when people are cooking food using cow dung cakes that time they bake mangos using cow dung cake fire

But now day these things are not available in cities so we can cook mango by boiling in water or using Microwave or Microwave Owen.

I am writing this recipe by boiling mangos in water using two methods, you can choose what you feel convenient.

  • First wash mango and boil them and remove skin of mango and take out pulp in a grinder.
  • or
  • First peal raw mango, take out flesh of mango and boil that in a cup of water and put in a grinder.
  • Grid mango pulp finely
  • Add roasted cumin powder, black salt, salt to your test and Pudeena (Mint) leaves paste  and mix well, or just grind for a moment.
  • If you want then mix 2-3 pinch red chili flex
  • Now add cold water and some ice cubes and serve it
  • or you can just keep this pana in refrigerator, and you can use it for 3-4 day by adding water and ice before serve.


-You can also make pana sweet by adding Jaggery  or sugar in place of white salt.

-You can filter pana before serving, if you want.

-For better test you can first boil mango with skin and roast it using Pre-Heated Owen for 5-10 mins.

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