Recipe : Mango Shake North Indian Style


In India Mango is very common and widely used fruit. There are lots of methods/ recipes of mango. Mango shake is very common in India and in Delhi/NCR you will find lot of stalls of fruit juice which are service mango shakes.

Today i am writing very simple recipe of mango shake

Ingredients for Mango Shake

  1. Ripe Mango pulp 1 Cup
  2. Mike 1 cup
  3. Sugar as per your taste
  4. Raisin and Other dry fruits 1 -2 spoon (Optional)
  5. Keshar (Saffon ) stigmas 1-2 (Optional)


  1. Blend mango pulp using a blender
  2. Now add milk, sugar to it and blend it finely
  3. Now chilled it adding some ice cubes and blending it or refrigerate it.
  4. Garnish it with dry fruits and saffron before serving it.

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