Recipe: How to cook potatoes in microwave

Potatoes can be boiled in a microwave easily. The following is the method which I use for the purpose of boiling. You will be needing a polythene bag and of course potatoes

-First take potatoes. Suppose we take four.Make sure to take small or medium size. Wash them to remove all dirt and soil on its skin.

-Now take them one  by one and prick them with help of fork in many places. It is very important because if it is not done them steam generated while microwaving may result in exploding the potato and creating problems. The small vents will help in releasing steam and even cooking.

-Now take them and put inside a polythene bag.Tie the bag and prick with fork to make vents in it.

-Set the time.Generally for four potatoes it takes 6 mins and time varies with size and number of potatoes.

-After 6 mins  potatoes are ready.

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