Recipe for making whey and health benefits

Whey is left over water after making cheese from milk. This leftover is still very nutritious contains protein, calcium, potassium. It can also use to improve immunity, stamina and treat diarrhea and many more.

Recipe for making whey

Take 2 cup fresh milk in pan and put it on stove and bring it to boil. Now take 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice and put it into pot. The milk will start curdle, now stir milk slowly with some spoon. When milk curdle completely then strain it and separate cheese and water. Watery part is whey. Now you can use whey as well as cheese.

Health benefits of whey

  • For treating babies diarrhea you can use it as it contains calcium and potassium and these are very good to bind stool.  Give 3-4 teaspoon whey every 10-15 minutes to child till diarrhea cured.
  • Many clinical research say that whey contains protein which is very good for improving athletes performance as it is very good to build lean muscle, increasing mescal strength and size.
  • It is also very useful for decreasing weight loss in HIV infected people.

Warning: Always take whey safely as high dosage can cause headache, nausea, bloating cramps. Do not use whey if you are pregnant or no some medicine like antibiotics or Alendronate or you are allergic to milk products.

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