Recipe: Dhokla in Microwave


Making Dhokla in microwave is very easy and fast. I make this dish today and believe me it is really very tasty. I am writing here simple recipe of making Dhokla in microwave.

Ingredients for Dhokla:

– Besan 1.5 cup

– Curd 1 spoon

– Water 1 cup

– 1 tea spoon sugar

– Salt to taste

– Optionally( 1/2 tsp fresh ginger garlic paste, 1~2 pinch Turmeric powder, 1~2 pinch chilli powder)

– Eno 1 small spoon

Ingredients for Tadka:

– 1spoon oil

– Rai 1 tea spoon

– Green chili 2-3

– Kari pata 4-5

– Sugar 1 spoon

– Lemon juice 1 spoon(1 lemon)


– Mix Besan, curd, sugar, salt and water and mix well. There should not be any lump.

– Keep this mixture aside for 20-30 minutes

– Now mix all optional ingredients which you want into batter

– Take one Microwave safe glass tray and apply some oil in that.

– Now quickly add eno and mix batter and put that into tray.

– Cook in Microwave for 3 minutes on high power

– Dhokla is cooked now take out from microwave and keep aside for cool down.

– Now make tadka by heating oil in pan.

– Make cracle with rai and cook green chili and kari patta for some time. Now add 1 cup water  and sugar to it. Cook this till starts boiling. Now add lemon juice and pour this tadak mixture over dhokla.

Dhokal is ready to server. Serve with green chutney or eat as you like.

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