Recipe: Corn Vegetable Salad

As monsoon come, every where you will find corn on vegetable stalls and redi wala selling roasted bhutta. Today i am going to write one recipe for making salad of corn with raw mango and other vegetables.


-corn 1 cup

-Chopped onion 1 tbl spoon

-Chopped spring onion 1 tbl spoon

-Red/Yalow bell peppers or capsicum 1 spoon

-Raw mango diced 1 tbl spoon

-Tomato diced 2 spoon

-Chopped Green coriander leaves 1 spoon

-Lemon juice 1-2 tbl spoon

-Black salt to taste

-Black/white  pepper powder to taste

-Olive oil 1 spoon


-Boil corn in water until it gets soft.

-Drain water and set aside for cool down.

-Add all vegetables to it and add black salt and pepper powder to it and mix well.

-Add lemon juice and olive oil to it.

-Garnish with chopped green coriander leaves.

Corn salad is ready to serve.

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