Recipe: Bhindi Bhujia Varanasi Style

Bhindi(Lady Finger) or Okra is very common vegetable and can be found all over world.There are lots of different dishes of bhindi. Today I am going to write very simple fry recipe of bhindi which style is typical Varanasi(Easter UP).

Ingredients for Bhindi Fry

– Bhindi 250 gm

– Peeled and chopped garlic cloves 2-3

– ½ tsp Zeera

– Red chili 1 (make 2 piece)

– 1 Spicy Badi (Kohrauri)

– ½ tsp black pepper crushed

– Salt to taste

– Mustard oil 2 spoon

Method for making Bhindi Bhujia

– Wash and dry bhindi using clean cotton cloth

– Cut bhindi in ½ to 1 cm size

– Heat mustard oil in a frying pan

– Crackle with zeera and spicy badi (Make 2-3 pices of badi)

– Add red chili

– Make sure these ingredients not burn

– Now add bhindi and salt and cook for 3-4 minutes on medium high flame

– Sprinkle black pepper and mix them by steering and cook till bhindi color got changed or cook at the level you wish because you can eat bhindi( lady finger) raw.

– Serve with paratha, daal chawal as side dish.

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