Recipe: Arhar(tuvar) Raw mango Daal


Arhar(tuvar) daal is very common daal in Indian culinary. There are many dishes of this daal. In summers many people makes daal with raw mango.

Ingredients for arahar daal:

– Tuvar daal 150 gm

– Raw mango half

– Jeera 1/2 tbl spoon

– Turmeric(haldi powder) 1/2 tea spoon

– Red chili powder as per taste(optional)

– Clarified butter 1 spoon

– Salt to taste


– Wash daal with water and soek it for 15-20 minutes

– Now put daal, pealed mango 1/2, turmeric powder, chili powder, salt and adequate quantity of water in pressure cooker.

– Cook it till 2-3 vessel and put off cooker from stove and leave it to cool down.

– Now heat clarified butter in frying pan and make jeera crackle

– Put daal in pan.

Daal is ready to serve. Serve with rice, chapati.

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