Recipe: Alasi(Tisi) Sweet Paratha

Alashi sweet paratha(Tisi Paratha) is a recipe from Varanasi. Alashi(Flax Seeds) is also known as Tisi in Varanasi region and  very good for health. There are many recipe of Alashi. Today I am writing very simple sweet paratha recipe of Alashi.



– Alashi seeds 3 spoon

– Sugar 1/2 cup(powder)

– Wheat flour 2 cups

Deshi Ghee or cooking oil for cooking patatha


– Roast Alashi seeds in a pan and make powder using grinder.

– Now add sugar powder to it as per your taste and mix well, paratha filling is ready.

– Now make dough of wheat flour using some water

– Now make paratha using alashi filling and cook it on tawa using deshi ghee.

– Sweet alashi paratha is ready.

This paratha has really great taste, you should try at least once.

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