Raw Mango Mint or Aam pudina Chutney

In northern India, we use to eat lot of side dishes with snacks and main course. One very common side dish in summer is Raw Mango and Mint(Pudina) Chutney which is very common with pakoda’s. But you will also like this with Dal-chawal.

Recipe for Raw Mango and Mint Chutney

Ingredients for 2-3 serve.

  1. Raw Mango 2.
  2. Mint leaves 1-2 bunch. 
  3. Green chili 1-2(depends upon your tung.
  4. Red chili flecks 1 tea spoon.
  5. Garlic cloves 10.
  6. Salt to test.


Wash Mint leaves, green chili and garlic cloves very carefully, peel mangos . Now put all ingredients in Grinder and grind it fine, finally add chili flecks and serve as side dish with snacks or main course.

For better taste crush all ingredients in mortar(Khalar) or Sil Batta. 

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