Raw Banana Kofta Recipe

banana koftabanana kofta curry

Kofta is very delicious and popular dish made by using different vegetables and other ingredients like cheese, paneer, condensed milk and meat. In Indian vegetable kofta are more popular and there are many different recipes for making kofta.

Green banana is now very common in vegetable usages all over Indian. Here i am writing very simple recipe for making raw banana kofta.

Ingredients for banana kofta

  • Raw(green) banana 4 pod
  • Potato 2~3 medium size
  • Green chili 2, finely chopped
  • Green coriander leaves 1 bunch, finely chopped
  • Table salt as per taste
  • Vegetable oil to cook

Method to make kofta

  • Wash banana and potato and boil then using pressure cooker or you can microwave them.
  • Peel banana and potato
  • Mess potato, banana and add salt chopped chilli and coriander leave and mix well.
  • Now make kofta in your favourite shape of equal size.
  • Now you can deep fry koftas or you can shallow fry them in non-stick pan.

kofta are ready to eat with sauce or you can add them to your favourite kofta gravy.

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