Papaya Leaves Tea Preparation and Benefits

Papaya leaves tea is prepared from leaves of plant Carica papaya belonging to the genus Carica.  This tea offers several health benefits.  It is good for heart, skin and digestive system. It helps to detoxify body. In some places this tea is drank for preventing malaria. This tea has anti-oxidant, anti-malarial, anti-tumour and anti-cancer activities.

How to dry papaya leaves for tea

Papaya leaves can be powdered which can be used later to prepare tea. For this purpose five to six months old leaves are plucked, washed and then cut to separate stalks and leaves.  Stalks and leaves are dried separately in shade. Generally low humidity and hot weather is good for this purpose. Then these dried leaves are grinded to get leaves powder and stored in air tight container.

How to prepare Papaya leaves tea


  • Papaya dried leaves or its powder, boiling water

Recipe of Papaya leaves tea

  • Boil a glass of water.
  • Add 4 teaspoon of dried papaya leaves or its powder.
  • Steep for 10 minutes.
  • You can add peppermint for better taste.
  • Strain and drink lukewarm during or after meals.

Benefits of drinking papaya leaves tea

  • Improves digestion as it contains papain that helps in breaking down protein
  • Drink after heavy meals for better digestion
  • Helpful in indigestion and stomach disorders
  • Detoxifies body, anti-oxidant and acts as tonic
  • Gargle with papaya tea for getting relief from tonsillitis
  • Improves immunity, appetite
  • Protects from malaria,  gastric ulcers

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