Milk Options in market

Milk is most important and daily part of our balanced diet. The milk which we directly get from local milkman is raw or unpasteurized. But milk available from any brand is pasteurized or milk treated at high temperature for brief time to destroy all most any micro organism, yeast, mold and bacteria to make it safe for drinking. Pasteurization also increases shelf life of milk. Although it also destroys friendly bacteria and enzymes present in milk. But it is highly recommended that babies, pregnant ladies or any one with weak immune system should consume only pasteurized milk.

There are many types of milk available in market.

Full cream milk :

It is milk that contain around 6 % fat content.

It also contain vitamin A and D which are fat soluble. It is highly recommended for children. A recent study has shown that it also increase fertility in women. Also it is tastier than skimmed milk. Moreover if you are picky eater and are not getting enough calories from your diet then definitely milk help you as 1 full cup of full cream milk contain around 150 calories and 8 gm fat.

Single toned Milk :

It is milk in which water and powder of skim milk are added to buffalo’s whole milk. This milk should ideally contain 3% of fat and 8.5% of solids.

Double toned:

This milk type is also a blend of water, buffalo’s whole milk and powder of skim milk. But, in it fat content has a minimum value of 1.5%. However, solids not fat is kept at 9% ideally.

It is best for heart patients as it has lesser fat content.

it is lesser in fat and Vitamin A. It is s best suited for tea and coffee whitening and for setting curd.

Powdered milk :

It is milk in powder form. Removing water from full cream or skimmed milk gives the milk powder in full fat content or skimmed.

It is generally used in the manufacture of infant formula, confectionery such as chocolate and caramel candy, and in recipes for baked goods where adding liquid milk would render the product too thin and in sweets.

Flavored milk:

As the name suggest it is milk with flavoring agents, sugar, and color. It is often pasteurized using ultra- high temperature treatment, so it has longer shelf life than plain milk.

It is less healthier than regular milk as it contain lot of sugar which leads to obesity and other preservatives and flavoring agents. If it is consumed regularly it may also lead to tooth decay due to sweetness.

Condensed milk:

It is milk from which water is evaporated to give it thick syrup consistency and sugar is added and then it canned in sterilize can to give it shelf life of year if unopened.

It has lot of calories due to high sugar content. Also it is rich in fat soluble vitamins A ,D,K,E but it has lesser calcium and minerals. It is best suited for making dishes rather than consuming directly.

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