Microwave : Reheating baby Foods in MWO

Some time reheating baby food is very much required. You can do this in MWO very easily. You can pre heat baby milk, baby food in microwave. Here are some instructions to reheating baby food and milk in MWO.


Empty into a deep ceramic plate. Cover with plastic lid. Stir well after reheating! Let stand for 2-3 minutes before serving. Stir again and check the temperature.

Recommended serving temperature for babies is  between 30-40°C.


Pour milk into a sterilized glass bottle. Reheat uncovered. Remove the teat before heating the bottle – the bottle may explode if overheated. Shake well before standing time and again before serving! Always carefully check the temperature of baby milk or food before giving it to the baby.

Recommended serving temperature: approximately 37°C.


Baby food particularly needs to be checked carefully before serving to prevent burns.

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