Microwave Recipe: Mixed Vegetable Soup


– 2 tbsp Butter

-1/2 cups spring onion finely chopped

– 1 cup Carrot, sliced finely

– 1 cup Potato, diced

– 1 cup Cabbage, shredded

– 1 liter Vegetable stock

– 2 tbsp Corn flour mixed with 2 tbsp water

– Salt and black pepper powder to taste

– Green Coriander leaves chopped


-Place the butter, all the vegetables and stock into microwave safe class bowl.

-Microwave covered on HIGH for 15 minutes.

-Blend together corn flour and water, and stir into soup mixture.

-Microwave again on HIGH for 5 minutes.

-Stand for 10 minutes and serve with hot, crusty bread.

-Garnish with Green coriander leaves.

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