Microwave Recipe: Cooking Vegetables, fruits .

Cooking vegetables and fruits in Microwave is very easy, but you have to be very careful while cooking these vegetables in microwave. Because liquid based items in microwave gets superheated and explode inside microwave.

Here are some cooking tips for microwave while cooking vegetable, fruits and eggs

-For cooking vegetables like eggplant, potato, tomato, carrot etc in microwave, first of all make some holes in these vegetables using fork and wrap them in a polybag , but make sure that poly bag is not very tight. By doing so, the steam produced will have no other way of escaping then through the plastic wrap. Eventually, the plastic wrap will split open and pop due to the steam build-up.

-Now put vegetable/fruits wrapped in poly bag into Microwave and cook for time required. Cooking time will depend upon quantity and item what you are cooking in microwave.

-For new users It will be better to use small time set like 1-2 minutes and check whether your food is cooked or not and build their experience for next time use.

-For boiling egg in microwave, first make small hole in egg using needle of fork, then microwave it.

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