Microwave: Defrosting Food in MWO

Most of the time defrosting frozen food is very time consuming and irritating. But using MWO you can do this very easily. This can be very useful when you want defrost frozen food in less time.

Frozen poultry must be thoroughly defrosted before cooking. Remove any metal ties and take it out of any wrapping to allow thawed liquid to drain away.
In general, it is better to defrost food using a lower power level, in order to defrost the cooking item evenly.

Put the frozen food on a dish without cover. Turn over half way, drain off any liquid and remove any giblets as soon as possible. Check the food occasionally to make sure that it does not feel warm. If smaller and thinner parts of the frozen food start to warm up, they can be shielded by wrapping very small strips of aluminum foil around them during defrosting.

Should poultry start to warm up on the outer surface, stop thawing and allow it to stand for 20 minutes before continuing.
Leave the fish, meat, and poultry to stand in order to complete defrosting. The standing time for complete defrosting will vary depending on the quantity defrosted.

HINT: Flat food defrosts better than those otherwise and smaller quantities need less time than bigger ones. Remember this hint while freezing and defrosting food. For defrosting of frozen food with a temperature of about -18 to -20°C.

In good quality Microwave Owens there are preset for defrosting foods.

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