Microwave: Cleaning your Microwave Oven

If your kitchen have one microwave oven then it is very important to clean it regularly other wise grease and food particles will start forming and they will build up and this can lead to unhinge and hazardous.

Here are some instructions to clean microwave properly.

You should clean following parts of your microwave  

  • Outer and Inner surface
  • Door and door seals
  • Turner table and rings

To clean outer surface use soft cloth using warm water, you can also use mild detergents, rinse and dry finally. For cleaning outer surface you can use glass cleaner like colline, Mr. Muscle. But make sure after that you rinse and dry outer surface properly.

To clean inner surface you should clean all splashes, food particle very carefully. For this you can use mild detergent, make hard dry splashes loose by using detergent and then wipe them using soft cotton cloths. Clean turner ring and turner tray out side in sink and dry them using dry soft cloths.

For making hard food practical soft you can use lime juice diluted in water (10-15 ml) on turner table and microwave for 10 min. This will loosed hard splashes and food particle and after this you should wipe out and rinse inner surface turner ring and tray properly.

Some upper MWO models have steam clean feature. After doing steam clean wipe out inner surface with dry soft cloth.

You show keep door seal very clean to door should closed properly .

*Note: Do not use Microwave or Stream clean feature for cleaning Microwave cooking range and other accessories. Use it for cleaning only inner surface.

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