Microwave Cabbage Potato Bhaji

You can cook cabbage in microwave quickly using less oil and believe me it tastes yummy. The recipe and ingredient required is also very simple.


– 1 cabbage

– 1 small potato peeled and chopped

– 1 tbs vinegar(optional)

– 1 tbs  red chili powder

– 2 tablespoon Cooking oil

– Salt as per taste


– Wash cabbage and potatoes and chop them.

– Put in microwave safe glass bowl.

– Add salt, red chili powder, cooking oil and vinegar to it and mix well.

– Put in microwave and cook for 3 mins take out and stir it .

– Put in microwave for another 3 mins.

– Check  if potato is tender and cooked well.

– Serve hot.


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