Know how you can make fresh butter in home

Although butter is very easily available in market and also at reasonable price. But still I prefer to prepare at home. The reasons why I do so is many. First I do not want to consume stabilizers and preservative along with the butter. Then adulteration of food item in market is the second reason. But foremost reason to avoid market available butter is the amount of salt present in it that makes it impossible to consumed if someone has high blood pressure.


The process of making butter is very easy but time consuming. You need to be bit patience. The ingredients, process and equipment you will need is given below.


Large bowl

Beater or big spoon or hand blender ( Hand Beater or Big spoon is best)


Cream of milk


Milk cream is available at market. But you can also prepare it at home. To make cream at home, you will require full cream milk. To get cream out of milk just boil the milk and let cool down. For better result make sure to boil milk 8 to 10 hrs before you need cream. For example If you want to get cream in morning boil milk in evening and let it cool down and then put it in fridge undisturbed. In morning you will see layer of cream floating on the surface of milk.

Take this cream and beat it with a spoon or beater or in jar hand blender. For beating cream with spoon put cream in a bowl and churn it with spoon in circular motion. The equipment you use depends on the amount of cream you are having. While beating the cream you will see various transformation of cream. When you start you will notice its thickness increases and its color changes from white to cream color. Then on further beating it leaves out milk i.e. butter milk and you will notice butter clump is formed which separates itself.

Here are some images of milk cream transformation to butter

Milk butter and cream 

Milk cream in bowl for beating

Milk butter and cream

Thickened cream after some time

Milk butter and cream

More Thickened Milk Cream 

Milk butter and cream

Drain off the butter milk. Also wash thus obtained butter with running water. This is done to avoid butter to get rancid. Wash till the water comes out clear. Butter is ready you can use it instantly or can store in fridge to consume it later.

Milk butter and cream

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